King Zora De Bon XV

The Undisputed Ruler of Zora's Domain


King Zora XV is a large, fishlike creature, who sits in his throne room at the highest point in Zora’s Domain, guarding the passageway to Lord Jabu Jabu, the chief diety of the Zora. He is indifferent towards Human and Deku races, but severely dislikes Gorons and Gerudo. He is an unwilling participant in the Civil War, as the Gorons drew first blood in their initial siege attempt of Zora’s Domain. He wants to protect his land and his people, as the Goron’s quest to take Mount Hylia would surely disrupt the flow of the mountain spring water that travels down through the Domain to Lake Hylia.


King Zora De Bon XV is the 15th in the line of Zora kings who have presided over their waters since the founding of their kingdom. He is the son of King Zora De Bon XIV, and is married to Queen Ruto, the beautiful matriarch of the Zora, whose divine beauty is unparalleled in the Domain. Their son, Zora De Bon XVI, is the rightful heir to the throne if the king passes on.

King Zora De Bon XV

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